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Alexa Chung Explains Her Psychic Abilities

Photo: Splash News/Corbis

You can add another job title to Alexa Chung’s lengthy résumé: model, TV host, DJ, writer, designer, and … medium? “I’m psychic,” she revealed last night at the Cut’s Fashion Week party with Longchamp and Stella Artois. Really? “Yeah, I don’t see one because I already know what’s up.” So, how deep do these psychic abilities go? “All last week, I was thinking about Chinese slippers, you know, the ones you see in Soho with the embroidery on them? And then there they were in the Marc [by Marc] Jacobs show today.”

Her gift goes beyond merely forecasting trends, however. “If I lose people, at a festival or at a party — like when I went to Sleep No More and lost my friends — I can tell where their energy is and map it out in my head and know where they are in the room. If cell phones go down, I can tell where someone is,” she explained when pressed for an example. We only wish we had such convenient powers.

See the full Marc by Marc Jacobs show here.

Alexa Chung Explains Her Psychic Abilities