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Ben Affleck Thinks Gone Girl Will Be the Second-Worst Date Movie of All Time

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

At the opening night for the New York Film Festival, Ben Affleck told the Cut he doesn’t think that Gone Girl will be the worst date movie of all time: It will only be the second worst. Gillian Flynn said she imagines that some couples might break up after seeing the movie, but Affleck says they could do worse, in terms of romance-ruiners.

Fatal Attraction, right?” he mentioned. “Get your rabbit boiled, and somebody gets shot at the end!”

Affleck hopes that the movie will inspire conversation though, “instead of: That thing really blew up, didn’t it?” and “It sure did! It exploded!” He even hopes that the movie will engender some old-fashioned gender divisions. “The last movie I can think of where the conversations I had afterward were this divided in terms of men and women was Chasing Amy. And that was a long time ago! So it’s been rare for me.”

Ben Affleck: Gone Girl Is an Awful Date Movie