peace at last

Blake Lively Conquers Her Fear of Bees, for Beyoncé

Photo: Carlo Allegri/Reuters/Corbis

It takes humility, self-awareness, and strength of character to embrace former enemies, so we applaud Blake Lively’s decision to extend an olive branch to her great adversaries, the bees. Ending her blood feud with the insects who deflated her butt and sent her screaming, she baked a cake in the shape of a beehive. (It was in honor of Beyoncé’s bee-day,of course.)

Lively took to Twitter to unveil her confectionary peace offering, comparing herself to a worker bee.

It’s doubtful the Queen was able to accept: She’s been spotted celebrating on a yacht with Jay Z and Blue Ivy in the south of France. Still, it was an effort of heroic and honeyed proportions.

Blake Lively Conquers Her Bee Fear, for Beyoncé