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Bryan Boy Is Not Amused by Vaping at Fashion Week

Photo: Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

The looks on the runway aren’t the only things smoking this Fashion Week. Perhaps in homage to Sarah Silverman, vapes are everywhere — and not everyone is pleased with it. “I’m a chain smoker, but I know there’s a limit. I know how to pay respect to a designer,” Bryan Boy told the Cut at last night’s Versace Versus after-party. “When I go to a show, I don’t just sit there relaxed and, like, smoke my ass off.” The best way to deal with such uncouth behavior? Subtweeting, of course. “I was sitting front row earlier at Yigal and there’s all these Spanish people sitting behind me chatting away during the show and they’re just like, smoking. And I had to tweet earlier, like, ’Shut the fuck up and stop smoking.’”

See the full Versus show here.

Bryan Boy Is Not Amused by Vaping at NYFW