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Companies Aren’t Being Such Dweebs About Employee Tattoos

Photo: Hill Street Studios/Getty Images

Fussbudget companies are getting chiller about letting employees show off their tats, according to reports from Fortune magazine. Cool-parent company PetSmart just got down with the ink, giving workers permission to let their tattoos contact some of that good store breeze.

Starbucks, noted purveyor of sounds-of-autumn compilation compact discs, really aren’t sure about how they feel. John Kell reports that the company does have concrete plans to decide about visible inkage in the coming weeks, concurrent with a popular employee petition. Meanwhile, the blue-vested employees of Walmart will soon be allowed to “wear black plants instead of just khakis.” Goth-shudder. There is no need to buy a ticket onboard the hell-bound hand basket of black pants. No need at all for that. 

Companies Are Less Prudish About Employee Tats