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Denver Newspaper Is Hiring a Stoner Sex Columnist

Photo: Casarsa/Getty Images

Calling all sex-positive cannabis aficionados! A hiring announcement from “The Cannabist,” the weed-centric vertical of the Denver Post: They are seeking a sex columnist, with a weed focus. The job description: “Our new freelance columnist will write about sex, relationships, intimacy, gender issues and more as it all relates to a world where marijuana is becoming legal — and oftentimes present in the bedroom.”

This year, we’ve been hipped to weed weddings, THC-laced lube, and weed as Viagra, but there’s still a wide, wild frontier of cannabis sex discourse for someone to explore. What is even out there? DIY hybrid bong-dildoes? Marijuana strains that act as love potions? Go forth, intrepid toker. This world is yours to explore. We eagerly await your findings.

So, besides a healthy love for cannabis culture, what does it take to land this choice gig? Have some journalism experience, of course, a reverence for deadlines, social-media skills, and a mastery of basic spelling and grammar. But most important, have a willingness to write about sex and marijuana publicly under your given name. Hi, Mom!

Apply here by October 1.

Denver Newspaper Hiring a Stoner Sex Columnist