Every Single Time Beyoncé Has Worn Topshop

Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Though the debate over whether Beyoncé is actually mortal continues, a pretty solid portion of her wardrobe comes from a surprisingly mortal source: Topshop. (She’s an especially big fan of the coordinating sets.) Even though it’s very likely that a stylist is sourcing these items, we couldn’t help but imagine a familiar scenario:

Beyoncé stares at herself in the Topshop dressing-room mirror. The fuzzy cropped sweater she’s trying on looks a little too snug. She thinks about how she looks so fluorescent under the dressing-room lights, but, like, not in the sexy way. “Wait, did I grab U.S. 4 or a U.K. 4?” she asks herself. In the distance, she hears a group of tween girls giggling. Through the crack of the dressing-room curtain, she can see they’re trying on the same sweater. “If I can see them, do they see me?” she wonders. “Shit. They can definitely see me. I hate dressing rooms without doors. You’ve always got to wrangle some dumb curtain.” Frustrated, she instructs an employee to just ring up one of everything in the store.

Here, a roundup of all the times Beyoncé has worn Topshop.

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Every Single Time Beyoncé Has Worn Topshop