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Tina Fey’s Foolproof Plan to Send Naked Photos That Stay Private

After the recent celebrity nude-photo leak, our faith in the iCloud and Apple’s ability to protect our privacy is totally destroyed. Can we ever send our naked sexytime photos without fear? Probably not, but the ever-wise Tina Fey has a solution: Take all the sexy selfies you want, and go ahead and upload ‘em to the cloud even, but make sure nobody can identify you.

On last night’s Late Show with David Letterman, Fey shared her tactic for protecting her anonymity even while she’s showing her tush: “All my nudes are very, very extreme close-ups of my butt, so you’ll never know it’s me. Like scientific, like a microscope close-up. Thousands of them.”

She’s got a point: Under the sexy zoom of the microscope everyone’s epidermis looks like a slice of roast beef. Try and leak that, hackers.

A Foolproof Way to Send Those Naked Photos