The Fug Girls: Fresh Blood at J. Mendel

Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

It stands to reason that, on the last day of Fashion Week, at our last show (J. Mendel), we finally saw some new faces — primarily that of The Leftovers’ Carrie Coon. She’s also playing Ben Affleck’s sister in Gone Girl and looked swell in a red day dress. We didn’t get a chance to finagle a chat (nobody really did, with any of them; perhaps Fashion Week Fatigue has nailed us all at last), which is a shame, as we also would have happily discussed whether she, like Kanye, means no disrespect to Ben Affleck. Or perhaps she could have offered a new hashtag. We’re due for one.

Ivanka Trump gleamed nearby wearing a really fab gold cuff bracelet (we overheard her giving the usual party line about blah blah blah she’s here because designer X really yada yada women’s bodies). Padma Lakshmi was resplendent as usual in blue and black. And beside them sat a very pretty woman we were informed was “married to a dude in U2.” Mrs. U2 — reportedly the wife of Adam Clayton — was placed at one end of the front row, which was bookended by a lovely woman in a green leather dress. She turned out to be Annie Lennox’s ex-model, current artist, and girl-about-town daughter Tali. Apparently the musically adjacent are also hot for spring. We all have six months to befriend our local guitarists. You’ve been informed.

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