Fug Girls: Man-Crushing at Lacoste

Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

We always look forward to our first Fashion Week man-crush — by which we mean, a suffocating mob of photographers around a mostly male front row — and Lacoste graciously provided it on Saturday morning. The space was narrow and the group so tightly packed that simply getting to her seat required pregnant Lucky editor-in-chief Eva Chen to risk life and bump; she totally got jostled by someone’s camera when she stopped to reach high up and steal a snap of Jesse Metcalfe.

He and his girlfriend, Cara Santana, must have changed backstage, because it was a steamy, humid morning. He was in a jacket and she had on a soft woolen sweater, yet neither of them was doused in sweat. (Maybe that’s what Eva Chen wanted to document: a miracle of science.) They sat near the preternaturally cool — and seriously dreamy — Charles Michael Davis of The Originals, RJ Mitte, Nat Wolff from The Fault in Our Stars, and actor Ryan Guzman, during whose turn in Step Up: Revolution we may have inhaled multiple times while it was in recent rotation on cable. We were so excited to sidle over and discuss dance-movie minutiae and Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows (yes, he crossed streams from the Center Stage franchise to Step Up; is that cinematic treason? discuss), but officials swept us all off the runway before we could go full geek on him.

There was only one girl attracting much attention: Disney starlet Peyton List, who stayed behind after the show the longest, posing with fans. “My daughter would have killed me if I didn’t get that picture,” a woman said. “She just loves her.” Aw. The only thing that makes a morning man-crush better is a little girl power at the center of it.

See the full Lacoste Spring 2015 show here.