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Soon We’ll Be Able to Fly With All Our Beauty Products

Photo: Boston Globe/Getty Images

Good news, frequent fliers and all other human travelers: Air travel is about to become a little less annoying. In an article about TSA Pre-Check, TSA administrator John Pistole told the Chicago Tribune that soon you’ll be allowed to take all the liquids you want through security.

Forget about that 3.4-ounce restriction. One day, at an indeterminate time in the near-ish future, we’ll be able to carry on full-size bottles of conditioner, gallons of toner, vats of moisturizer, and body wash galore. No more will we sacrifice our bottles of water in the security line. And finally, our basic human right to bring a bottle of red wine onboard will be restored. Freedom, thy name is a full-size perfume!

There is no timeline for when the switch will happen, and for now only those enrolled in TSA Pre-Check will benefit. But I can’t wait for the day when I spend more time in the security line than I do pouring various soaps and lotions into mini bottles.

Get Ready to Fly With All Your Beauty Products