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How to Give Yourself a Japanese Face Massage

There’s been much reported on the art of French facial massage, but the Japanese version — called tsubois just as effective for de-puffing your skin. According to traditional medicine, pushing down or activating a pressure point releases bad qi, which can correspond to certain health and aesthetic concerns like puffiness. Like the French, the Japanese believe face massages can help to reduce puffiness and increase micro-circulation to the skin. Sonya Nolasco, a makeup artist from Shiseido, showed us how to perform a Japanese tsubo face massage in seven quick steps.

Step One: You can perform the massage with or without moisturizer. Start with the first tsubo, in the center of your forehead. Moving out from there, massage in concentric circles three to six times.

Step Two: Now push the toxins (if you believe in them) down your nose, in a sweeping motion.

Step Three: Repeat a flicking motion starting from your chin. This is purported to keep the skin around the mouth lifted and enhance the production of collagen.

Step Four: With a delicate corkscrew-like motion, push your imaginary toxins toward your ears and away from your face.

Step Five: Push from the corner of your mouth up toward your temples.

Step Six: The tension points around the eyes are often areas where we carry the most stress. This is the part of the facial massage that gives you that “ahhh” feeling. Start with the tension point at the beginning of your eyebrows, and sweep out. Repeat three to six times.

Step Seven: Slowly bring your fingertips from the pressure points at the outside and under the eye. Gently tap at the inner and outer corner of the eye. Repeat three to six times.

How to Give Yourself a Japanese Face Massage