Fug Girls: Jada Pinkett Smith Brought Her Mom to Christian Siriano

Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

The early buzz at Christian Siriano’s show was about the attractive woman sitting next to Jada Pinkett Smith, who resembled her strongly and looked maybe a couple of years older. “That’s Jada’s sister,” another reporter told us. We all bought this, until Jada herself set us straight: This dish was actually her mom. The entire press corps was shocked — and seriously, we’ve seen a lot, you guys (including that time Thomas Jane tried to return to his seat in the middle of a show via the runway). “I want to be her when I grow up!” one of the photographers announced. “So do I,” said Jada.

She is well on her way: She looked good in a crisp white top and long, sleek ponytail, sitting next to Coco Rocha (in a very sparkly pink suit), and a ways down the row from Uzo Aduba, who was a hit in a custom red Siriano at the Emmys, and whom we overheard telling another reporter about everything that’s required to transform her from Uzo into Crazy Eyes. Spoiler: It takes a lot of work to turn her into a hot mess.

On Uzo’s other side sat Amy Schumer, who told us that this was the only show she’s going to all week (she has to work, and has been on the road). “I feel so out of this world,” she said, amused. “There’s no stakes here for me.” You can tell, by the way, that someone is a writer when she’s wondering what the stakes are. We asked the comedian what her biggest fashion regret was, and she didn’t hesitate:  “A poncho on the subway. It was raining. I bought it at CVS. It was on the Internet.” With any luck, she packed an umbrella today.

Also spotted — Siriano’s front row is always well-packed — was show regular Mena Suvari, Primrose Everdeen herself Willow Shields, and skier Lindsey Vonn. Vonn looked swell in a hot-pink dress and white heels, which we took as a very good sign that her surgically reconstructed knee is fully on the mend, because stilettos and shredded ACLs don’t usually mix. “Everything is really good. I haven’t worn heels in a long time, but finally my knee feels comfortable wearing them, so I can blow the dust off my shoe collection,” she said excitedly. In fact, in general, she said high heels are kinder to her feet than her ski boots. “Those are like ballet shoes,” she said. “They’re tight, they get uncomfortable, they hurt. I get frostbite in them all the time.” That the chill can penetrate those suckers seems like an unfair hazard of the job, especially given that pitching yourself downhill at the mercy of gravity is itself a hazard. And yet Vonn says she’s heading back out to the slopes as soon as October, with an eye toward racing in December. “I actually think I’m going to leave tomorrow. It’s difficult [working out] in New York,” she said. “New York and my training schedule don’t mix. I make it work, but I have to do it every day, twice a day, and there’s too many people in the gym!” Well, if it would help make room, we’ll selflessly sacrifice ourselves and stay away from one. Fashion Week is our treadmill this week anyway.

See the full Christian Siriano Spring 2015 show here.

Jada Smith Brought Her Mom to Christian Siriano