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Lena Dunham Releases a Flood of Advice Videos

In honor of the release of her upcoming book, Not That Kind of Girl, Lena Dunham has released a small deluge of videos in which she advises how to be that kind of girl, meaning the kind of girl you want to be. For this task, Dunham has set up a fanciful office, which is just a drawing of an office, but it does feature a real dog (wonderful), a real telephone (rotary, obviously), and a real bottle of Champagne (unopened, for now).

The advice comes in a dozen parts, starting with Part 1: How to Be a Feminist in Booty Shorts (above), and:

Part 2: How to Be Any Size of Woman

Part 3: How to Ditch a Terrible Friend Who Was Mean ‘Cause You Broke Your Leg

Part 4: How to Ditch Awful Garbage of Men

Part 5: How to Write As a Woman

Part 6: How to OCD

Part 7: How to Get the Best Revenge (Live Well, Obviously)

Part 8: How to Do Sex, But Good This Time

Part 9: How Dudes Are Allowed to Get Advice From Lena Dunham

Part 10: How to Laugh in the Face of Death

Part 11: How to Lift All Boats

Part 12: How to Laugh at Any Volume

That was it. Are we that kind of girl now, or no?

Lena Dunham Dispenses Advice in 12 Short Videos