Watch a MacArthur Genius Explain Her Vital Work on Racism

2014 MacArthur Award Winner Jennifer Eberhardt, Stanford University.
Photo: Courtesy of the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation - See more at:

The MacArthur foundation just announced its 2014 class of “geniuses” — researchers whose work the Foundation saw as so important and groundbreaking that each of them will receive a $625,000 no-strings-attached award. One of them, psychology researcher Jennifer L. Eberhardt of Stanford, conducts important research on race that Science of Us has featured in the past.

Videos of researchers explaining their work can be pretty hit-or-miss, honestly, but this one released by the Foundation offers a really interesting glimpse into Eberhardt’s work and how it touches many vital aspects of everyday life — including life-and-death decisions involving the death penalty:

(For those looking to torture themselves about how little they’ve accomplished in life, 12 of the 21 fellows — including Eberhardt — are in their 30s or 40s.)

A MacArthur Genius Explains How Racism Works