The Making of Those Black Marc Jacobs Wigs

Photo: Clint Spaulding

Tonight, Marc Jacobs’s models — including Adriana Lima, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid — walked the runway in military-inspired clothes and, surprisingly, not a trace of makeup. They each wore jet-black wigs with bangs that made them look virtually unrecognizable.

The wigs were the brainchild of Jacobs and his longtime hairstylist Guido Palau, Redken’s creative consultant — but they were dyed by Larry Raspanti of the Whittemore Salon, who gave us a sneak peek on Saturday night.

About two weeks ago, Raspanti says, Jacobs assigned him to create 70 matte black wigs. These were eventually to be cut short into Joey Ramones–inspired bobs with long bangs that, as Palau told us, had a “New Yorkunderground, slightly punk kind of feeling.” He explained that they were going for black hair that “has a cartoon type of color to it as well … like an illustration come to life.” Click through our slideshow for a look at how Raspanti and his team made the wigs before the show. 

See the full Marc Jacobs show here. 

The Making of Those Black Marc Jacobs Wigs