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Scott Campbell Would Tattoo His Daughter With Lake Bell

Photo: David X Prutting/ NYC

At Thursday night’s Purple Magazine dinner at Narcissa, Scott Campbell showed up stag but still had his pregnant wife, Lake Bell, on his mind. “She’s at home keeping it domestic. She’s due in mid-October. Things are getting grown up real fast,” he said. Campbell could be overheard sharing the news that it’s a baby girl with other partygoers. “Girls are the best. If it’s a boy, you have to learn how to play baseball,” he said. We asked Campbell if he had any restrictions on his daughter getting tattooed. “I don’t know. I know whatever ideas I have now, as soon as I see her they’ll totally change,” he told us. “I just want her to like me. Those are the two things I want from my child: don’t be an asshole, and like me.” Would he be willing to tattoo his daughter himself? “Yeah, if she’s of legal age. I’m not going to let someone else do it. No way!” Though 18 years from now, maybe no one will even want traditional ink. “There’ll be weird holograms that come out of people’s arms. I’m sure Google will invent some implant that lets Tupac dance on your arm or something.”

Scott Campbell Would Tattoo His Daughter