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A Shine Spray to Spruce Up Dull Hair

With a head of hair that’s curly, shoulder-length, and often parched beyond repair, I don’t exactly think mermaid when I look in the mirror. So when Mermaid Perfume’s Mermaid Hair Shine Spray arrived at the Cut, I didn’t exactly jump at the chance to give it a whirl.

The bottle is sleek in design and explains that the spray is for “enhanced shine, softness, elasticity, luster, and tames flyaways.” I spritzed the solution about six times over the length of my blow-dried hair and noticed immediate results. My hair was instantly softer and more touchable, and though it didn’t exactly glisten in the light, it did appear denser and less like a ponytail of straw. Calling this a “shine” spray is a bit of a stretch, but it did make my hair look less dull. There was a slight feeling of buildup on the ends after using it, but nothing too serious that would keep me from using this again.

The eight ingredients in the spray are also a nice departure from the chemical mutants that typically land in hair products: It contains just water, aloe, seaweed, kelp, algae, jojoba oil, essential oil, and glycerin. And while the coconut scent may be off-putting to some, the smell diffuses shortly after application. I’m definitely going to make Mermaid Hair Shine Spray a part of my world.

Mermaid Hair Shine Spray, $28 at Catbird

A Shine Spray to Spruce Up Dull Hair