Street-Style Awards: The 24 Best-Dressed People From NYFW, Day 5

Photo: Youngjun Koo/I'M KOO

This season, the Cut will be ranking the street-style looks from the previous day. We’ve selected these 24 images from the many photographer YoungJun Koo shot to bring you this list. Agree? Disagree? Chime in on the comments.

Now that we’re midway through Fashion Week, it’s about time for some new blood to enter the street-style fray to make the rankings that much more interesting. Yesterday, Taylor Tomasi Hill made her first appearance of the week, wearing a lacy see-through pencil skirt with a navy tee. Also on the sheer-skirt train was Lucy Chadwick of Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, in a white fishnet skirt from her wedding. Annina Mislin, fashion editor at C magazine, debuted in a bralette/white-shirt combo that would make Shiona Turini proud. And joining the cute pregnant-ladies clique is Natasha Goldenberg, part of the Russian street-style crew who are now coordinating bumps, apparently. Click ahead to see where everyone ranked yesterday, and in light of Apple’s big announcement today, we leave the street-style competitors with these wise words by Steve Jobs — “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”

Street-Style Best Dressed: NYFW, Day 5