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Suno Wants You to Take a Vacation From Prints

Photo: Imaxtree

Suno Abandons Prints for Spring, Minds Blown. Just kidding: That wasn’t last night’s headline, by any means. But this season, designers Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty did take a bit of a detour this season, turning in a cleaner, meaner collection. Between the pastel stripes and the cravat details on tent dresses, it was even a little preppy.

“Preppy?” mused Osterweis post-show. “Hmm. Maybe a clean thing, and a slightly monastic style.” He and Beatty were looking, he said, at Georgia O’Keeffe and Louise Bourgeois, both their color palettes and the unconventional way they dressed. “It was meant to feel very sun-washed — very desert-y,” added Beatty. There was a faded madras smock with tiny ruffles that looked like the liners on cupcake tins, or a shirt with banker stripes so washed out as to be barely noticeable.

“A lot of people are doing prints right now,” Beatty said backstage. “We are still very focused on [them], but it was about making each one feel very poignant, and making each one feel like it meant something. A little less all mixed up.”

It’s hard to imagine the Suno girl throwing over her busy patterns for something as unadorned as the white eyelet dress the designers showed tonight. But it sounds like she may already have converted. “That’s a female favorite for sure,” said Beatty of the dress. “Every girl that has walked through has been like, ‘I’m obsessed with that one.’”

See the full Suno Spring 2015 show here.

Suno Wants You to Take a Vacation From Prints