Do These Crazy Eyebrow Rings Hurt?

Photo: Bek Anderson

In a season of sweaty faces and lip balm and minimal makeup, Rodarte has invented the new power brow. The beauty team glued the models’ brows with multiple tiny silver rings. Despite looking vaguely torturous, one model I asked swore it didn’t hurt. Not convinced, I asked several more who said the same thing and look quite pleased with the weight of their new furrow. James Karliardos for NARS explained a little about what went into the “cool girl” look.

Photo: Bek Andersen

“It’s not a punk look, it’s more just to look cool and beautiful,” Karliardos explained of the rings. “The rings are more like a facial accessory than punk. On the crease and near the eyelashes, we’re using this new [High Intensity Blush] duo for spring, it’s called St. Paul de Vence, which is an amazing city. It’s full of really nice French people; this is where they all are. The food is like — you’ll get fat and enjoy everything. From the same duo, I’m mixing them and putting it on blush on the high apples of the cheek. I’m using the gold one under the entire eyelid with Rue Bonaparte, a long-wear eye pencil along the inner line. Then, Audacious lip color in Barbara, which is the the perfect nude color. This will give everyone the lip color that defines, but also sort of neutralizes it at the same time. It’s not that beige, which can make you can look sort of dead or zombielike. I didn’t want to do beige with the rings.”

When asked about how he got the rings onto the models without hurting them, he joked, “We’re using really strong anesthetic. This model is just coming down from it. A few girls have bangs and those who don’t, don’t have the rings. But yeah, those are on pretty good. She could take a shower in these.”

See the full Rodarte show here.

Do These Crazy Eyebrow Rings Hurt?