This Bearded, Bespectacled Brit Will Make You Excited About Knots

Expertise doesn’t always translate into interesting conversation. Experts, immersed in a given field for years, sometimes have trouble empathizing with others’ lack of interest, and therefore aren’t always great at communicating why we, the non-experts, should care about cars or Pokemon or Cronuts. Once in a while, though, you come across someone who is an expert at something and who is naturally gifted at communicating their love of that subject. When you do, it can be a wonderful experience.

This video of Des Pawson, a 67-year-old British knot expert who plays a prominent role in a New York Times T Magazine article on, yes, knots, is a prime example of arcane expertise at its most compelling:

I am now going to take the day off to learn everything I can about knots and try to apprentice under the tutelage of Les Pawson.

This Video Will Make You Excited About Knots