Every 3 Minutes, Victoria Beckham Says, ‘I Know What I Want.’

Photo: Gotcha Images/Splash News/Corbis

Slinky pixie-face Victoria Beckham is a consistent being. She is intentional with her dress and controlling with her gaze. What are the secrets of her composure? wondered everyone occasionally when wondering about other things had lost its allure.

Elle writer Faran Krentcil reports that within the first 20 minutes of interacting with Victoria Beckham, she repeated one phrase seven times. The phrase was: “I know what I want.” It is her mantra and her foundation.

Beckham’s self-knowledge abounds, it abounds so vigorously that it spills forth like an ocean wave every two minutes and 52 seconds. What do you say to yourself every two minutes and 52 seconds

Victoria Beckham Says Her Mantra Every 3 Minutes