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Americans Spend Obscene Sums on Halloween Costumes for Pets

Photo: Bryant Scannell/Getty Images

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans are projected to spend $350 million making their pets into more interesting pets on Halloween. It’s the time of year when people realize that their dream animal companion is only some synthetic material, Velcro strips, and cash dollars away.

Compared to housing an Orca whale, jamming your pet underneath a 100 percent polyester one is a thrifty alternative. Your commonplace small dog can become a rather large turtle for a simple exchange of legal tender. Your freeloader canine can finally pay his way around here for once, if you suit him up for employment (Ghostbusters costume, $15.90 uniform investment). It’s the night when you can dress for the pet you want, not the pet you have.

Americans Spend Obscene Sums on Pet Costumes