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For Confused Dudes: A Womansplainer Service

Photo: Shutterstock

Are you a man who is confused about rape culture, catcalling, consent, birth control, or any other number of feminist issues that come up in daily life? Do you lack the motivation to use Google? Do you have $20? Well, then, artist Elizabeth Simins can help.

She’s created “The Womansplainer,” a web service that allows people (men) to ask any question they may have about feminism. Possibilities range from depressing (“Do feminists hate sex/humor/fun?”) to somewhat more advanced (“What does cis mean?”). $20 gets you a Google, for $50 she’ll discuss issues with you publicly via Twitter for 15 minutes, and for $100 she’ll go for 40 minutes. It’s like Zoltan the Fortune Teller except better because it will save you from sounding like an ignorant misogynist.

Womansplainer certainly benefits dudes, but it’s also a huge service to us women. Thanks to Simins, we’ll never have to answer the question of “Isn’t sex positive just code word for slutty?” ever, ever again.

For Confused Dudes: A Womansplainer Service