Gilda Radner’s Tip for Going to a Party Even If You’re Pimply

Photo: NBC

In his upcoming memoir, Martin Short writes about falling in love with Gilda Radner in 1972 in Toronto, at a party of “callow theater geeks drinking jug wine” or “the most amazing party I had ever been to.” He writes:

The life of the party was Gilda, who jovially worked the room, making conversation with everyone. She did this, however, while very conspicuously holding the tip of her right index finger to her forehead, even as she was walking around and maneuvering between people. When I asked Gilda why she was doing this, she lifted her finger for a moment to reveal a pimple that she didn’t want anyone else to see. I found this hilarious and charming. Gilda was a rare event, hard to explain if not experienced in person. I had never met a woman so comfortable in her strangeness.

According to the Cut’s beauty editor, Kathleen, this is the most foolproof method for zit concealment.

Short’s memoir is called I Must Say: My Life As a Humble Comedy Legend, comes out November 4, and is filled with all sorts of lovely anecdotes about Radner and other eccentric and endlessly interesting people. Its foray into other practical beauty tips is limited.

Gilda Radner’s Tips for Pimple Coverage