Intimate Photos of Oscar de la Renta at Work and at Play

Photo: photos: oscarprgirl/

Oscar de la Renta, who passed away yesterday at 82, may have been in business for almost five decades — but that didn’t mean he didn’t adapt to the times. He was one of the first designers to amass a large social-media following, after the brand launched the OscarPRGirl Twitter account in 2009. Helmed by his head of communications, Erika Bearman, OscarPRGirl eventually expanded to Tumblr and Instagram (where it now boasts 437,000 followers) and, over the years, gave fans a glimpse inside Oscar’s atelier and private life.

In memory of de la Renta, click through our slideshow of intimate photos of the designer from the brand’s social-media account through the years — from dancing in Punta Cana to last-minute adjustments before a show, from black-tie dinners to time in the studio, and so much more.

Intimate Photos of Oscar at Work and at Play