Jenny Slate’s Thoughts on Success Are Solid

Photo: Boston Globe/Getty Images

Jenny Slate spoke at a live Slate Culture Gabfest show about being a creative, professional, good person. And a successful person too! When asked about how this success feels, she gave a complete and winsome answer:

The most surprising thing to me is that it’s exactly like I imagined it, except for less scary. I’ve really always wanted to have what I have, which is like a nice, smart, handsome husband and privacy in that. And a dog. And adult female body. I’ve always really truly wanted that. Just being super stunted and late to puberty, I was like, I cannot wait to just like get some jiggly things and wear them around and get them all in people’s faces. But it’s also that my daily life as an actress is like what I imagined and that to me seems like a dream. I like how I do it. It doesn’t seem new to me … It sort of seems old. And it seems like a game I played so much it came true. 

The whole conversation is brimming with charming insight, including a Rashomon-like reflection of how exactly the “Marcel the Shell” voice began.

Jenny Slate’s Thoughts on Success Are Solid