Lorde Says Fame Is Not Unlike Getting Pear-Bombed

Photo: C Flanigan/Getty Images

Brunette mane of lyrical wonder Lorde thinks that the prickly side of fame is similar to a random incident of pear-spearing from a high-school quad. In an interview with Billboard, she said she initially thought: “‘Wow, I didn’t realize people are that mean.’ But it’s because people don’t really think of you as a person. You’re this entity, this brand.” This brings us to the allegorical tale of high school, in which someone hurled a rotten pear at her:

It hit me so hard in the stomach that it exploded everywhere. Look, you don’t have to do anything in high school to get a rotten pear thrown at you. It’s just what happens, and if you’re annoyed about it, you are silly.

Here’s what you do: You just let that rotten fruit explode off of you into a thousand million pieces and roll on with your famous day.

Lorde: Fame Is Not Unlike Getting Pear-Bombed