Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Enjoy Time Outside

Photo: Splash News/Corbis

Well, well — isn’t it funny seeing you here? Oh, hi — just hopping out for a teensy smoke break. Oh, you must be joking, me, too. Great minds, I guess. Uh-huh, great minds. So, this is embarrassing, but I seem to have lost my lighter? Hmm, well — I guess you can use mine? Thanks. Uh-huh. I actually didn’t know you knew about this place? Oh, I’ve been coming here for ages; actually, it’s funny, I was going to ask you the same thing. Oh, I’ve been coming here for — oh, I don’t know, like four years? This place wasn’t here four years ago, you must be thinking of that other place. No, I’m pretty sure it was right here; I remember cause of the specific brick at my eye-level. Oh, yes, you do have a memory for bricks. That’s so nice of you to say — I just, look, I’m sorry if I came off as a little rude, it’s just I thought we each were really trying to do our own thing now? We are, we are — this is just the time when I am doing this cigarette-break thing at this specific public space. I know, and you know what — I’m actually glad you’re here. You are? I am, yeah. Oh, that’s so great — and also I found that lighter you were missing, here it is, I didn’t take it or anything. Of course you didn’t. Twins? Twins. Cough. Cough.