Mindy Kaling Is Too Busy Doing Her Job to Talk About Being a Pioneer

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

So help you, if you demand that Mindy Kaling serve on one more panel to talk about sexism and Hollywood. She hereby rejects her status as panel puppet: Successful, Indian-American Female Representative. She has no more time to keep repeating enlightened notions about the rise of women in comedy. 

Mindy Kaling spoke to NPR about the grueling annoyance of being an “exceptional” “pioneer”: As a creator, director, and star of her own sitcom, she is constantly asked to reflect upon this exceptional quality of her position as a pioneer. She says:

I think as women, if you are considered a pioneer in these things, you can get really distracted by these other things — you know, people’s demands of you reflecting on your otherness. And for this white critic to say, “I don’t understand why she doesn’t do that” — and you’re like, “It’s because I’m running a show on a major network and I want the show to continue” — and to sort of guilt me …

I’m an A student. I’m addicted to feedback and I want to please people. That’s sort of how I’ve gotten to where I am. And I think that it’s insidious to be spending more of your time reflecting and talking about panels, and talking more and more in smart ways about your otherness, rather than doing the hard work of your job.”

She will not be submerged into your sinkhole of think pieces and dissecting panels. She will walk the walk, thank you kindly.

Mindy Kaling: Too Busy to Keep Explaining Sexism