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A New iPhone Fashion App to Organize Your Feed

Photo: Courtesy of Lou

During fashion month, it can be exhausting to open up Instagram, Twitter, or even Facebook — especially when everyone’s posting the same front-row pictures at once. That’s where LOU comes in: a fashion app that collects what influential designers, bloggers, and models are posting to their social feeds and presents them on a single, comprehensive platform. (It was previously just an iPad app, but is now available  for iPhones.) It’s a simple, easy way to consume fashion content on mobile, with dozens of content from pre-selected influencers (including the Cut!) alongside their last blog posts all in one place. 

Even if you’re all apped out, think of it this way: Download it, and you’ll (probably) never have to look at a blurry runway photo ever again.

A New Fashion App to Organize Your Feed