North Korean Couples Propose With Mobile Phones

Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/Getty Images

Couples in North Korea are giving whole new meaning to “give me a ring.” Instead of the standard rock of many karats, couples in North Korea are proposing with expensive mobile phones.   

Proposing with a blinged-out engagement ring has never been standard practice in North Korea. And since mobile phone ownership is a status symbol (only 1 in 12 people own their own cell phone), the gift of cell is not to be taken lightly. When a younger woman is seen with her own phone, it says, “Ha! I’m getting married” and “Money!” the same way a 12-karat, emerald-cut diamond in a rose-gold setting does, reports The Guardian.

Here’s hoping this trend spreads to the USA, huh? Given the price of an iPhone 6, can you imagine anything more romantic than your beloved down on bended knee presenting a gold 128GB model and the promise of a shared family plan for all eternity?

North Korean Couples Propose With Mobile Phones