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The Real Cost of Truly Embracing Your Perfect Cosplay Dream

Photo: Serge Mouraret/Corbis

In the 1950s, for example, a television show was created for people to guess the price of practical items like dishwashers. These are knowable costs and this game seems limited. A more fun game, perhaps, is guessing the real cost of a thoroughly conceived fantasy: The Price Is Right, Cosplay Edition, a game that exists at Digg in some format.

You can hypothesize answers to questions like: How much does a pound of bird-warrior feathers cost? What is the price for an outfit of a consummately skilled log-cutting Pokémon or a guard for the Door of Space-Time?

If you would like a little assistance, using the price of a modern dishwasher as your base is a good place to start.

The Real Cost of Your Perfect Cosplay Dream