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Arrivederci, New York! And So Ends Italy in 30 Days

Photo: Getty Images

Tonight we close our monthlong look at la dolce vita — and oh, what a trip it’s been. We set out on the first day of New York Fashion Week with a mission: to explore the endlessly fascinating style, food, sex lives, and cultural anxieties of Italians up and down the boot, from mammone to Roman romeos to the politicians working to keep it all in line. Along the way, we learned we drink our coffee all wrong, we could use a few lessons on walking in heels, and our olive oil may be lying to us. We found all the best islands, skipped over to Milan for the runway shows, and developed a potentially unhealthy obsession with Tuscany. Though the pizza wars between Rome and New York wage on, we will give Italians a nod for their bottarga, bread, and, of course, pasta. Thanks to everyone who read, enjoyed, and commented on our work — and even to the few of you who encouraged us to commune with a runaway donkey. That’s all for now. We’re off to have a Negroni.

Arrivederci, New York! So Ends Italy in 30 Days