Sororities Are Teaching Members That Life Is an Expensive Endeavor With Hidden Costs

Photo: Brynn Anderson/Corbis

Sororities: They’re not a free lunch, they’re not a free ride. They are fancy-free, in that they are fancy, hold the free. They are free-balling, also if you hold the free, and the ball refers to formal dances not testes.

Anyway, the New York Times reports that joining a sorority is an expensive prospect. There are fees (which seem to start at about $1,500 per semester). And then there are incidentals. For example, sisters buy like $500 of junk for their assigned buddies. Other sisters pay $100 for being more than 15 minutes late to a meeting.

So there are costs: the kinds you know about and the kinds where you are like, NO, FINE, ARGH, and then you clench your teeth as you write a check. But, in this way, sororities are just like life, no?

Sororities: Teaching That Life Has Hidden Costs