Tavi Gevinson and Emma Watson Exchange Important Emails About Feminism

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Last month Emma Watson told Nylon that she and Tavi Gevinson bounce ideas off of one another — which sounds like a celebrity-feminist BFF dream-team. But remember, even celebrity-feminist BFFs sometimes flake on each other. For example, when Watson sent Gevinson her powerful U.N. speech to review, Gevinson didn’t get back to her in time.

“She had emailed me to, like, look at stuff, and I felt like a jerk because I didn’t get around to it,” Tavi told the Cut at the New Yorker Festival party on Saturday. The writer/actress was busy with her Broadway play, This Is Our Youth, in previews at the time. “But, I mean, she’s an angel,” she said of Watson. “She’s so rad. And that speech was amazing, she didn’t need my help.”

Tavi and Emma Watson Email About Feminism