failures in impermanence

Taylor Swift Never Erases Her Chalkboard

Taylor Swift just organized a cheerful home invasion for various fans, and the documentation gives us a glimpse into her domicile. Here’s the most important item: In the time since Taylor Swift has erased her chalkboard, Earth has nearly circled the sun.

Yes, the very Earth we are all upon is in the final stretch of its solar lap, chugging right along at a timely pace, and Taylor Swift has not whished the soft eraser (which is sitting right there) across her chalkboard’s inky surface. 

Leaves have fallen, budded, matured, flushed all red and yellow, and fallen again. Children have grown taller, as have some plants and buildings and egos and tales.

Some things (old people, raisins) have probably shrunk. The extra chalk at the base of Taylor Swift’s chalkboard has not, because it hasn’t been used, because the chalkboard has not been erased since at least November 19, 2013, when she geeked out on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s words about being a slave to one’s own feelings

Truly, an impasse has been reached. The quote suggests a permanent bond; the chalkboard represents ephemerality. This cannot be had both ways. Sometimes it’s really the medium, not the message. 

Taylor Swift Never Erases Her Chalkboard