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Valentino Is Planning to Show Couture in New York

Photo: Courtesy of Valentino

Couture, in the non-juicy sense of the term, has extremely strict parameters. Collections are shown twice yearly, in January and July, in Paris. But designers have been flipping the script on the Chambre Syndicale of late, with Dolce & Gabbana relocating to Sicily for the past couple of years. Now, Valentino has announced it’s bringing its couture collection to New York this December, according to the New York Times. And come July, the house will be skipping out again in favor of showing in its home city, Rome. (The brand will return to Paris Couture Week in January 2016, per the paper.) Maria Grazia and Pierpaolo: In conjunction with New York City’s new Pegacorn ambassador, we welcome you.

Valentino Planning to Show Couture in New York