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Walmart Still Feels Really Bad for Calling People Fat

Photo: Kristen Washburn/Twitter

Yesterday, if you happened to search for a plus-size Halloween costume for an adult woman on Walmart’s website, you’d find your Batgirl or Raggedy Ann costume under the “Fat Girls Costume” section, as Jezebel discovered.

While there is still no indication who is  responsible for the offensive labeling error — maybe a web developer with a terrible sense of humor — Walmart has since rectified the problem and renamed the section”Women’s Plus Size Halloween Costumes.” They’ve also spent the better part of 24 hours profusely apologizing to the many angry people. First on Twitter with this somewhat robotic tweet they’ve since sent out repeatedly:

And then gave this same robotic statement to E! News: “This never should have been on our site. It is unacceptable, and we apologize. We are working to remove it as soon as possible and ensure this never happens again.”

What an overwhelmingly heartfelt apology, Walmart! Target thanks you for making it look good this holiday season.

Walmart Still Feels Bad for Calling People Fat