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Do We Really Waste 90 Minutes a Day on Tinder?

Photo: Tony Anderson/Getty Images

Perhaps in some kind of goodwill PR tour, Tinder is lifting the veil on its operations and data in the press. Most recently, the New York Times dove in and shared some of the insane numbers about the company’s user engagement.

According to the company’s internal figures, Tinder has about 50 million active users, who log into their account an average of 11 times a day (11!). Women swipe for eight and a half minutes before deciding humanity is awful and shutting down the app, while men last for a little over seven minutes. All of this can add up to about 90 minutes a day of idly, despondently, perhaps earnestly looking for love/sorting through dick pics/playing the game of hot or not that is Tinder.

If that seems depressing, just think: In 90 minutes you could find the love of your life or at least an interesting dinner companion for the eve — okay or, more realistically, just a horrible date but a good story to tell once the PTSD wears off. Time well spent, right?

Do We Really Waste 90 Minutes a Day on Tinder?