mannequin or person?

Geena Davis Trolled Ann Taylor Customers by Pretending to Be a Mannequin

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Geena Davis has a fantastic suggestion about what you should do if you’re bored at your retail job and that’s to pretend to be a mannequin in the window. That’s what she did at her first job at Ann Taylor and things turned out very well for her.

In an interview about her first big break, Davis told NPR, “I didn’t know, but I had an uncanny ability to be still.” In fact, crowds gathered outside the store to argue about whether she was a plastic statue. It sounds like a lot of fun. The best part is that Davis says she tried to get her friends to dare her to hang out in the display window, and her friends refused, but she did it anyway. Sometimes, you’ve just got to dare yourself to be the best beautiful prankster mannequin you can be.

When Geena Davis Trolled Ann Taylor Customers