Lizzy Caplan Says Your 20s Are the Reebok Pumps of Life

Photo: Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

Here’s Lizzy Caplan reporting back from the other side of success. Rather than platitudes about hard work and making your own luck, she has a funny sneakers metaphor for us. She told Elle Canada:

It felt like if my 20s were — you know those Reebok Pumps? If my 20s were pumping it, then my 30s were like the release button. It was amazing. I’m 32 now, and everything they tell you is true: You just kind of chill out; you become more yourself. It has been a very welcome shift.

A decade of pumping up and then just zooming around with chill momentum for the rest of your days. It’s the Reebok dream, and Lizzy Caplan is living it.

Your 20s Are Like Reebok Pumps