15 Ways to Wear Sweatpants to Thanksgiving Dinner


Next week, you’ll be taking time off for what might be the best holiday of the year. There’s only one thing that beats stuffing your face with turkey and pie: stuffing your face with turkey and pie while wearing comfy clothes. Though you probably shouldn’t break out your pajamas at the dinner table, stretchy waistband pants are absolutely appropriate and stylish.

Are you still in love with culottes? Try COS’s version with a big cozy mohair sweater. Maybe you want something a bit more louche and glamorous? J.Crew has a pair of sequin pull-on trousers while Zara has a cool yet roomy velvet wide-leg pair. Or if you just want to embrace your inner health goth without upsetting your parents, there are black sweats for that too. Click ahead to see 15 cozy, (mostly) family-appropriate pairings made for Turkey Day.

15 Ways to Spend Thanksgiving in Sweatpants