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40 Percent of Luxury Brands Are Still Not Available Online

Photo: Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

Online shopping may rule the scene, but for a large portion of luxury brands out there, it’s still a strictly brick-and-mortar world. Businessweek reports that according to a study by Bain Consulting, roughly 40 percent of luxury brands don’t sell online. Those brands include famously e-commerce-averse Céline and Chanel (the latter does sell beauty products online, however). Instead, they have focused on opening physical stores, particularly in emerging markets like China. One analyst, Luca Solca of BNP Paribas, called digital  “the next China,” saying that a shift to e-commerce could bring in around $43 billion between now and the year 2020 for those brands.

40% of Luxury Brands Still Not Available Online