Beyoncé’s Best Leisurewear Moments From the ‘7/11’ Video


Somewhere around the 13th viewing of Beyoncé’s “7/11” video, it became evident that Queen Bey hath gifted her subjects with more than just a live-action selfie — she’s created the ultimate instructional video on how to chill at home (or a hotel) the Bey way. This includes being cute with your girls, hanging out in bed, wearing a robe, flexing with your hands up, spinning with your hands up, holding that cup of alcohol (without dropping that alcohol), etc. But the most important takeaway: how to hang out in your underwear.

We’ve rounded up the best of Beyoncé’s carefully constructed leisure looks so the next time you slip into your no-pants comfies, you’ll look so good it might be socially acceptable to leave the house that way.

Beyoncé’s Best Leisurewear From ‘7/11’