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Now You Can Charge Your Phone With an OC Varsity Jacket

In its ongoing quest to make wearable tech cool, Opening Ceremony — which at the beginning of this week unveiled MICA, its snazzy new smart bracelet — is now introducing a varsity jacket that will charge your phone for you. The brand collaborated with Mophie, the phone-charging case, on a $465 version of its classic varsity jacket that contains a power station. “[Co-founder] Carol [Lim] and I use our phones a lot, especially when we’re traveling,” explained OC’s Humberto Leon in a release. “We always turn to Mophie’s products to keep us charged, often carrying them in our pockets through airports, and while running around town.”

The jacket is available now, and unfortunately, it comes in a limited run of only 100. Another option: Just get a phone that doesn’t constantly need to be charged — yet another vote in favor of the almighty flip phone.

Photo: Courtesy of Opening Ceremony and Mophie
Charge Your Phone With an OC Varsity Jacket