Charlie Hunnam Said a Weird Thing

Photo: Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

In the midst of trying to garner sympathy for his self-proclaimed lifetime of awkwardness, Charlie Hunnam said a genuinely strange set of words:

I find the awkward phases in life are cyclical more than something you grow out of. My life has been a long succession of awkward phases punctuated by brief moments where I feel smoother than Dr. Slinky McDoogle, inventor of the word mellifluous.

WHO? No one has heard of this doctor, at all. He was just invented, this moment, by Mr. Charlie Hunnam, as the pinnacle of someone who is suave. Mellifluous, meanwhile, dates from the 15th century and is Latin in origin, combining the words for honey and flow, and Dr. Slinky McDoogle considered this to be a quite debonair combination.

Charlie Hunnam Said a Weird Thing