Compression Hose Is Now for the Chic and Young

Photo: Corbis

Fashion has stolen so much from Grandma: ugly yet comfortable shoesmuddy floralslarge and glorious granny-panties, clogs , canning, multiple-cat ownership, and so much more.

Now, ol’ lady chic has officially claimed our sock drawers. According to the Times, compression socks — the choice hosiery of those actively concerned with blood clots and increased circulation — are now a must-have accessory for jet-setting fashion types.

Naturally, nobody is purchasing the sturdy-nylon Duane Reade kind favored by octogenarians — though anything is more stylish than swollen ankles and puffy legs, right, ladies? The Times says editors are shelling out “$88” for “super chic” versions in charcoal cable-knit or fun and crazy plaids. “The socks and tights might have dowdy roots, but the look is actually very chic casual,” explains one such fashion insider.

Chic, casual, and preventative of deep-vein thrombosis. Consider it a three in one!

Compression Hose Is Now for the Chic and Young