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Kim Kardashian’s Butt Inspired So Many Memes

Photo: Paper Magazine

Kim Kardashian’s ass-tastic Paper magazine cover promised to break the internet with the sheer force of its sensational cover photo. But, after an entire day of butt talk, the internet appears to still be functioning and has churned out more memes than ounces of baby oil it took to shine up that tush.

From glazed doughnuts to Homer Simpson’s mouth, here’s a roundup of the ingenious Kim Kardashian Ass memes that have been making the rounds today:

Peach Butt Kim:

Centaur Kim:

Krispy Kreme Kim:

Kanye West Kim:

Seinfeld Cast Kim:

Homer Kimpson :

Butthead Kim:

 Mount Buttmore Kim:

Taylor Swift Studying Kim Kim:

Badonkadonkadonk Kim:

Google Kim:

Topical Space News Kim:

Photo: Paper Magazine

And the only meme that might actually break the internet, Drake on Kim:

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Kim Kardashian’s Butt Inspired So Many Memes